Food Stores MEP + R Engineering

pe-groceryWhen Fresh Market, Giant Food, Harris Teeter, Weis Markets, and Stop & Shop need mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or refrigeration engineering, they call us. Our engineers understand controls, display lighting, humidity issues, case effects, grounding, heat recovery, sub-coolers, fish scale interceptors and LED case lighting. We know deadlines too, and keep things moving so you can open on time

We did the EnergyStar field work needed for Stop and Shop's pioneering Volume Leed EB program, and energy modeling for their LEED NC program. We worked with Harris Teeter on their award winning store in Potomac, Maryland.

Our careful attention to humidity control and right-sizing both mechanical and electrical systems saves capital expenditures and energy budgets while creating comfortable stores without dew on display case windows. 

Refrigeration Engineering

Dwyer Engineering design compressor racks, size receivers, specify oil management systems, oil separators, suction and liquid filter sizing and valves.  We do control drawings for Sporlan's Micro Therm, CPC, Danfoss and Comtrol.  We also do specialty design including secondary refrigeration systems, distributed refrigeration systems, close proximity units, condenser water loops, hot gas reheat systems, subcoolers, chillers and water tower selection.

We understand the issues of global warming potential and total equivalent warming index (TEWI), and why R-744 may have benefits in one climate but not another.  Refrigeration is critical to energy, green goals, and food store success.   If you need engineers who integrate refrigeration design with mechanical and electrical system design, we can help.