Utility Bill Recovery 

National and regional chains operate facilities in strip centers, office buildings, and regional mall environments. These high profile locations may provide an ideal place for the business to offer products and services.  Unfortunately, energy to these spaces is not always billed accurately by regulated utilities and landlords.  We have saved over $100K at single stores in water bills alone.   Problems we see include:

  • Meters for the whole center are billed to one tenant
  • Sewer charges are levied on irrigation or outside leaks
  • Estimated bills are never trued up
  • Automatic meter reads are not properly programmed
  • Leaks under the slab are never detected, let alone fixed.
  • Landlords use creative methods to recoup electricity, natural gas, and building operating expenses that have no connection to reality.
We will start by reviewing your past bills, and have an engineer conduct the site survey that is an essential component in utility auditing.  To keep your risk to the minimum, our services can be contingency based in most jurisdictions. Recoveries are from past bills, not future, so formerly lost expenses are recouped, and safeguards put in place to prevent future recurrence. Instead of gambling on future energy prices, we will correct inaccuracies and generate savings.

Energy Star and Building EQ Audits

energy_starDwyer Engineering can help improve your management of energy resources. We have professional engineers skilled at ENERGY STAR verification with licenses in states from Maine to Florida to Illinois to Texas. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and Target Find are great tools to track your success in cutting utility bills.

Our thorough site surveys will look at your building systems and operating parameters to understand where energy is going now, and why. We will develop an affordable program of energy conservation measures to bring your bills back to earth. In addition to saving money, you will reduce your carbon footprint, and gain recognition as a green company.

Energy Modeling

Our energy models provided the basis for Stop and Shop's successful Volume LEED NC program. We use EQuest and Carrier's HAP software to predict energy savings for buildings, earn points towards LEED certification and predict future utility costs. This allows us to project savings for energy measures, so you can make decisions on a sound, financial basis.


Commissioning a building protects your investment by verifying that systems operate efficiently and effectively year round. Our certified commissioning engineers can help to establish goals for energy use, correct ventilation issues, solve control problems, measure performance, and develop maintenance plans.