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Office Building VAV Rooftop Unit Replacement

Posted by Dave Driver, PE Feb 9, 2016 5:41:08 PM

VAV Replacement Pitfalls

When the time comes to replace that old VAV rooftop unit, a building owner may solicit proposals from contractors for more efficient, but same capacity, direct replacement equipment.  

Before signing that purchase order, here are four considerations that could justify a more in-depth look. 

  • Is the capacity right?
  • Is the new unit heavier?
  • Does the new unit fit?
  • Is gas available?
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Topics: Washington-DC, Rooftop Units, Office Building HVAC

Humidity Solutions for Retail HVAC

Posted by Dave Driver, PE May 21, 2014 6:30:00 AM

5 Ways to Control Humidity with Small HVAC Systems

Owners of retail shopping centers and other commercial buildings want long lasting, inexpensive HVAC equipment that can be on site in three or four weeks and can be maintained by a local service contractor. Enter the constant volume direct expansion (DX) air conditioning system, most commonly the small packaged rooftop unit and its partner in crime, the split system. Unfortunately, these systems won’t control indoor humidity in summer months unless your mechanical engineers take important precautions during design.   If you lose humidity control in your store or office, odors develop, turning off customers, and everyone feels sticky even if it is cool inside. We have five steps to prevent this. 

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Topics: Split-Systems, Retail HVAC, Humidity Control, Rooftop Units